Accounting Services for Small BusinessIf you own a small business in Anoka, MN, you have a lot on your mind right now. Your primary focus right now may be how to keep your business open and thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that you have a partner that can help you keep track of revenue, expenditures, payroll, and deposits with an eye toward the future. Havig Tax specializes in accounting services for small businesses just like you. We have been working with small businesses all over Anoka for nearly a decade, and we understand the area, the community and the collective challenges we face. Our team can help you navigate the challenges of the current climate.

Accounting Services for Small Business

The services that we offer will give you an accurate picture of your small business’ finances and provide you with projections and reports that will help you make sound business decisions moving forward. Havig Tax is a local small business just like you and is committed to helping you face the future armed with accurate information and facts about your finances. We offer the following accounting services for small businesses:

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable: The team at Havig Tax can help you manage your invoices, paying your vendors on time and ensuring that you are getting paid as quickly as possible.

Expense Reconciliation: Tracking your expenses is an important element of accounting services. Whether you use a checkbook, online banking, we can help monitor all of your financial transactions so that you avoid cash flow issues.

Direct Deposit: If your employees continue to be paid with paper checks, now is a great time to transition to direct deposit. This can save you time and money (no longer printing checks) and your employees can get paid faster.

Monthly Reporting: Understanding where your business stands financially is critical to strategic planning for your future. Our team will run monthly reports for you so that you can easily get a snapshot of your profitability.

Quarterly Tax Reports: Important tax forms must be filed regularly so that your business does not get behind. Our team can help you with all of the tax paperwork required for your business.

Reporting of Sales Tax and Use Taxes: In addition to completing and filing tax paperwork, we can also help ensure that you are paying the appropriate sales and use tax for your business. Getting behind on your taxes can be devastating for a small business and we can take this stress off of your plate.

Unemployment: As a small business owner, you are also responsible for paying unemployment insurance for your business. We can ensure that you are paying the correct amount.
Accounting Service Support for your Small Business

Havig Tax is here to help your small business succeed. For more information about our accounting services for your small business, call us at 763-325-4400.