Annual Personal Tax PreparationDuring the second half of the year, many people do not think much about their annual taxes. April is still months away and it is easy to let the months pass without giving any thought to your tax situation. Havig Tax & Consulting specializes in annual personal tax preparation and can focus on your tax situation all 12 months a year so that you are in the best possible situation when April rolls around. Our team understands that doing your personal taxes can be stressful and also how easy it can be to ignore them until April 15th rolls around. We offer annual tax support for clients in the Anoka, MN area and beyond.

Benefits of Working With an Experienced Tax Consultant

There are many benefits to partnering with a tax firm on your personal taxes. Our tax professionals will help you reduce costly errors, adjust to changes in tax law each year, identify additional deductions and credit you might be eligible for, reduce your stress and provide support if you are contacted about your return by the IRS. Finally, you can save valuable time when you hire a firm to complete and file your annual returns. Our team sits down with you to really understand your tax situation so that we can provide the best possible tax support.

We have been working with clients in Anoka, MN since 2013 and have built a strong reputation for offering honest, reliable tax services. We focus on the details so that you do not have to, and we communicate clearly about issues that we see regarding your tax returns. We can help you with all aspects of tax preparation and filing including audit preparation, extension requests, interpretation of new tax law, and identifying new deductions and credits that you may not have known apply to you. Mistakes are an unfortunate part of the tax preparation process–we can minimize that risk and will be there to provide you with professional support if you are contacted by the IRS about a problem.

Impact Covid-19 Has On Personal Taxes

2020 has been an usual year, to say the least. Many individuals and families have faced financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If your job status has changed or you are concerned about the impact Covid-19 will have on your taxes, we can help you. For more information or to find a convenient time for a free consultation to discuss your annual tax prep, call us today at 763-325-4400.