Business Tax Return Preparation and Filing Services Andover, MinnesotaIf you own or manage a business, taxes are a likely part of your annual responsibilities. Managing federal, state, and payroll taxes can be complex, especially if you have multiple employees. Partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable tax firm can be a huge difference maker for your company. Havig Tax & Consulting specializes in business tax return preparation and filing. Our team of tax professionals can take this stressful task off of your hands, saving you many hours of time, effort and stress, so that you can focus on other important areas of your business.

Importance of Professional Tax Services for Your Business

Every single business in our country is required by law to file a tax return each year. How you pay them depends on how your business is structured. Businesses are required to pay taxes at different rates, depending on your filing status. C Corporations pay income taxes at the corporate rate. This rate for 2020 is a flat 21%. Other businesses like a sole proprietorship, an S corporation, an LLC, or a partnership are required to pay a tax rate closer to the rate for a single taxpayer. There are also other issues to consider such as paying estimated taxes and calculating self-employment taxes.

If you are a business owner, you are not likely an expert in tax law. The tax professionals at Havig Tax & Consulting can handle your business’ taxes so that you do not have to. Our team will work hard to complete your taxes accurately and on time and in a way that maximizes your deductions and credits so that you pay only what you have to. We stay current on tax law, so you will no longer have to worry about whether you are following the right guidelines. All we ask is that you pull all of your paperwork together in a timely manner so that we have ample time to ask questions and get familiar with your case. We will also make recommendations to you for the coming year to help set your business up for future success.

Minimize Your Company’s Tax Liability

Havig Tax & Consulting is committed to representing you aggressively, helping you strategize and being your one-stop resource for all tax related issues in Andover. From tax preparation, to filing your returns, and even providing support in the event of an audit. For more information about our business tax return preparation and filing, call our team at 763-325-4400.