Business Taxes in MNAs a business owner in Minnesota, every financial decision you make can be impactful to your company. The question is, are your decisions hurting or helping your business? At Havig Tax, we aim to make your business decisions less overwhelming and clear. Thus, allowing you and your company more financial freedom in the long run. If you struggle to prepare your own business taxes, let us help you become more successful and put your money to work.

Taking Advantage of Tax Credits

One of the largest differences that a business owner can make is having someone on their team that is knowledgeable of tax credits and deductions. As a business owner, utilizing necessary tax credits and deductions can save you thousands of dollars in taxes per year. Imagine the financial freedom you could have with that. Afterall, being the most profitable that you can be and flourishing your business should always be a business owner’s goal.

Tax Season is Not Once a Year

Another large mistake that many business owners make is assuming they only need to worry about taxes once a year. If your existing accountant is only sending you a survey periodically on how your finances are going, you need to find someone new right away. At Havig Tax, we help you with every aspect of your business. We want to make the most out of your time and enable you to make the smartest business decisions. Mistakes are costly. If you make a mistake at the beginning of the fiscal year and do not realize it until it’s tax season, the negative impact on your business could be detrimental. We stay up to date with your taxes, saving you money and always evaluating the latest tax laws as it relates to your business. Not only does this save you time and money, it can save you a load of stress should your business ever be audited. As an Enrolled Agent (EA), we are given the unlimited rights to represent taxpayers in front of the IRS. Money saved, time gained, smarter decisions made and peace of mind during audits. Havig Tax is a relationship that you certainly will never regret.

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