Choosing A Tax ConsultantChoosing someone to work with your company on your taxes can be difficult and even intimidating. After all, you are hiring someone to help you with your taxes, and the whole reason you need tax help is because you likely do not know how to do it yourself. In that way, it is similar to hiring an auto mechanic to fix your car. Your tax accountant (and your auto mechanic) have very different skill sets than you do, so you have to quickly develop a level of trust in order to work together. Here are some tips for choosing a tax accountant that will work well with you:

1. Hire someone locally that understands state and federal tax law: If you are a business owner, you likely already know how to interview and hire for a new position. Hiring a tax consultant is no different. You should look for someone with extensive experience in tax law on a federal and a state level. It may be helpful to have someone from the same state where your business is housed so that you can be confident that he/she understands the tax law in your area.
2. Hire an individual or firm who shows interest in getting to know your business: There is more to tax prep than simply filling out tax forms correctly. Getting to know how your business operates and your hiring practices can provide a tax consultant with helpful information that can help you find additional savings and deductions in years to come.
3. Hire a tax consultant that is available and easy to communicate with: Communication and trust are two important factors when it comes to hiring a tax consultant. You want to feel comfortable asking questions and providing confidential information to your tax consultant.
4. Look for a consultant that offers comprehensive tax services: Your business will grow over time, so look for a tax firm that offers more services that you currently need. That way, you can stay with the same firm for a longer period of time.

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