Happy Entrepreneurship Day!


Happy #EntrepreneurshipDay to all the small business owners out there! No matter how big or small your dreams are, we love being able to help you dream even BIGGER!


Here are five ways Havig Tax & Consulting can help you grow your business:

  • Offloading your bookkeeping to Havig Tax will save you time and money: The average business owner spends 10+ hours a week on their books. Who has that kind of time? Between running to job sites, continuing education classes, and following up with your customers, you probably barely have enough time to do the job they hired you to do! Letting Havig Tax take care of your bookkeeping will not only save you time, but we can also help you save money. We can show you where your money is going (expenses) and what it takes for you to get paid (income). Plus, keeping it updated every week is a lot more efficient than bringing the garbage bag of receipts to your accountant at tax time…and a whole lot cheaper, too.
  • Tax planning saves you money: We specialize in proactive aggressive tax planning for small business owners. Tax planning differs from tax preparation, because tax planning is looking at your current situation and implementing strategies to proactively lower your tax bill. Whereas tax preparation is always retroactively looking at the previous year. The money you save on taxes can be put right back into your family’s or business’s pockets.
  • End of month reporting and other accounting insights can help your business grow: When you apply for a loan for a new work truck, a mortgage, equipment financing, or any other funding, the lender (bank and loan officer) will want to see financials such as your Profit & Loss report (commonly called a P&L) and your balance sheet (list of all your business’s assets, liabilities, and equity). Can you confidently say you have these ready to send off to a bank at any time? Most people and small business owners don’t, but not because they don’t care, it’s just because they don’t have time to keep these all updated. Outsourcing  your accounting and bookkeeping to Havig Tax means we’ll be taking care of it all so we’ll have these available for you when you need them.
  • Networking and consulting can help you expand: Not only are we here to help you with taxes, bookkeeping, and accounting, we’re also available to answer any questions you have about your business. We have a wealth of experience in business administration, sales, financing, tax resolution, and more. And even if we can’t answer your question, we probably know someone who can! We’re members of multiple networking and professional organizations, so we’ll be able to refer you to someone who can help.
  • We’re always on the lookout for new tax credits to help you save: Whether it’s tax credits for solar energy, research and development, or even the Employee Retention Credit, we’re always taking continuing education and learning about new ways to help our clients save.

Contact our office today if you’d like to discuss more ways we can help you reach your dreams!

Happy Entrepreneurship Day