The deadline for S Corporations to file (if you filed a six month extension back in March) is September 15th, 2022. But don’t worry, that is plenty of time to get your S Corporation tax return done!

A lot of small businesses that elect to file as an S Corp don’t necessarily have the need to hire a bookkeeper or accountant to keep their books up to date all year round.  And that makes sense for some! But for others, it just leads to chaos at the end of the year, or more accurately, when you’re ready to file your taxes in September.

Whether you have ten employees or ten subcontractors, we understand that keeping it all straight takes time and effort that you just don’t have. If you’re someone who procrastinates, doesn’t have the time or energy to do your books, or just plain hates paperwork, we have bookkeeping and record keeping systems that can be personalized for small businesses in any industry. We’ve created custom bookkeeping and accounting plans for our clients who are contractors, real estate investors, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, retail stores, mortgage brokers, and everything in between.

Contact our office today to find out how we can help you save time and money filing your S Corporation tax returns.