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Personal Tax Return Preparation and Filing Services Anoka, MinnesotaHave you always done your own personal tax return preparation and filing? Have you used software and just assumed that your tax returns were always correct? You might be surprised that if you had a professional tax accountant take a look at your past few tax returns that you could have missed out on certain credits and deductions. Tax software can be useful, but often times it can miss small nuances based on your unique tax situation.

At Havig Tax & Consulting, we understand that no one tax situation is the same, which is why we sit down with each of our clients to discuss their unique needs and devise a plan to ensure your tax return preparation and filing is handled properly and efficiently. We’ve been in business in the Anoka MN area since 2013, and also are very proud to serve other clients all across the country. Before you file your taxes on your own again this year, give Havig Tax a call to learn just how freeing it can be to let a true professional handle your taxes going forward!

Why it Pays to Have Your Personal Taxes Prepared by an Accountant

There are a whole host of reasons why it often makes sense to hire an accountant to handle your tax preparation and filing as opposed to trying to perform this often complex task on your own. A few of these reasons include:

  • Reduce Errors – If you’re not a tax accountant, you can’t be expected to understand every nuance in the ever changing tax code. While there is tax software that’s supposed to make up for this gap, many times you have to interpret what the software is asking you, which can cause mistakes. Some of the most common tax errors include computation errors as well as math errors. These errors can delay your tax refund and even create a situation where you owe penalties and interest. By using a professional tax service, you can reduce the chances of making an error on your return.
  • Ease Your Stress – Personal taxes can become quite complicated. This is especially the case if you own your own business and have to fill out IRS forms 1040, Schedule A, Schedule C, among several others. Navigating through a complex tax return can be time consuming and create a scenario where errors can be made. Do yourself a favor and hire a tax professional who deals with these issues every single day.
  • Receive Professional Tax Advice – One of the most important aspects of working with a tax accountant is the tax advice that you’ll receive from your tax professional. At Havig Tax, we sit down with each of our clients on a regular basis to take a look at their tax situation to determine if anything needs to change in terms of tax planning.
  • Have an Advocate if Problems Arise – Mistakes can happen on a tax return, even if it’s prepared by a professional. If mistakes do occur, or if you’re audited for some reason, a tax accountant can help you to ensure you’re following necessary IRS protocols to respond and get to the bottom of any issues that may have arisen.

Interested in Personal Tax Return Preparation & Filing Services?

If you’re interested in having Havig Tax handle your personal tax return preparation and filing this year, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team by phone today at (763) 325-4400. We offer a free consultation to discuss your tax needs and help you better understand the many benefits of hiring a tax accountant to handle your tax preparation.

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