Reason To Hire A Tax Professional This SeasonTaxes can be stressful for many of us. Let’s face it – we all dread the April 15th tax deadline. Working with a tax professional can take a lot of this stress away, whether you are working on your individual tax return or one for your business. Here are 5 important reasons to hire a tax professional this season:

1. Maximize Deductions and Credits: Tax law changes each and every year and one of the most difficult aspects of doing your own taxes is that you are responsible for keeping up with all of these changes. When you partner with a tax professional, you can be confident that all new tax law will be applied to your return and that all of your credits and deductions will be maximized. A tax professional can help determine if a deduction or credit applies to you and may even be able to save you extra money with opportunities you might not have been aware of.
2. Avoid Errors: Errors on your tax return are one of the most common reasons for delays with your refund and they can also increase your risk of audit. Simple keying errors (or typos) related to your home address, social security number and/or inputting numbers from a W-2 can result in huge problems that can be hard to resolve. When you work with a tax professional you will know that your return will be completed correctly, with no errors.
3. Audit Support: Working with a tax professional can reduce your overall audit risk, but in the unlikely event you are contacted by the IRS, your tax firm can handle the communication on your behalf and provide you with strong audit support.
4. Save time and money: Depending on the level of complexity, your taxes can take many hours to complete. Hiring a tax professional will save you that time as well as the stress of worrying about whether you are missing anything and/or are making any mistakes. Working with a professional can also very often save you money with finding additional deductions and credits that you qualify for.
5. Tax Strategy: A tax professional can look back over your previous returns and give you advice about your finances and taxes moving forward.

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