Your life as a small business owner is busy. Are you sure you’re getting all the credits and deductions that you’re entitled to? Here are a few examples of the deductions that small business owners often miss:

  • Annual Meeting Expense (if your business is an S Corp, Partnership, or C Corp)
  • Meals (with clients, business meals, and travel meals)
  • Travel (to and from rental properties, jobsites, prospective clients or properties)
  • Telephone and internet for your home office
  • Legal expenses (attorneys fees to set up your LLC, consult on issues, or anything related to your business)
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Charity donations made in cash

These are just a few, but we’d love to help you find more! We have extensive experience in helping small business owners save money on taxes by ensuring that they aren’t missing all the deductions and credits they’re entitled to. If you’d like us to review your previous years’ tax returns, we’d be happy to show you how much you could be saving! Contact our office to schedule your free no-obligation appointment.