Year-Round Tax PlanningWe all know that the deadline to file annual taxes is April 15th. It comes around each and every year along with, for many, a scramble at the last minute to prepare and file. Whether you are working on your personal income taxes or taxes for a business, tax planning is a huge part of tax preparation that can have a significant impact on the annual process. Tax planning requires that you take a step back from the push to meet the April 15th deadline and think about your income, potential deductions, tax credits and even retirement funds, investments and education expenses. Taking a big picture view can be difficult when you are under a strict deadline like April 15th. Havig Tax specializes in tax planning for individuals, families and local businesses.

Year-Round Tax Planning

Our tax professionals understand the stress of preparing and filing your own taxes. Our tax support will help take this weight off of your shoulders, once and for all. Part of what we emphasize to our clients is the importance of tax planning each year. In fact, this is one of the aspects of tax support that we think is the most critical. While tax planning might seem overwhelming to you, this part of the process helps us get to know our clients, helps us understand your priorities, your goals, and any changes in your status over the course of the previous year. In fact, one of the business practices we have put into place is to have a meeting with each of our clients periodically so that we can hear directly from you and ask questions that give us the best chance of representing you successfully. We view tax planning as a year-round process.

Experienced Tax Professionals in MN

Now is the ideal time to begin the tax planning process, several months before the April deadline rolls around again. Our team can sit down with you at your convenience to go over your previous returns and review any changes in the last year that may impact this year’s return. We can also look ahead and, depending on where you are in your career, provide strong advice about saving for retirement, potential deductions that you might not be taking advantage of and even simple estate planning. For more information about our tax planning, tax preparation and filing services, give us a call at 763-325-4400.